Earworm – In the Brain’s Ear

Ever catch yourself, well your brain – playing a tune over and over again? Like having a whole iTunes playlist but then the play-next button seems to be stuck, it’s the same time or phrase of some tune that plays over and over in a never-ending loop…

No preferred place or time – it just happens! Whether it’s Pharrell’s – Happy , which in my case just simply plays the refrain endlessly. Or some Adele’s While We Were Young, or some upbeat commercial jingle you heard over the radio, more recently the Ariana Grande hit Imagine’s first few lines seems to have taken some spot, or to coin the word – niche – in my brain. Mind you at the onset, I swear I might have even been doing some head bobbin with the song’s tempo. Laughable, but so true!

I am a self proclaimed Earworm afflicted person – I get Earworms in my head as often as a person with Parkinson’s twitches.

Earworms are what we simple people would call it, to the geeks it’s involuntary musical imagery’, or INMI. Termed as a ‘perception’, an auditory hallucination – makes it sound a bit like some dreadful disease when really earworms are something your brain does to keep itself busy. It’s nothing serious.

I’ve read that I am not alone. 92% of people get Earworms – like the common cold. Still, with the cold, there’s a tablet to take to make it go away. When it comes to earworms there are only all kinds of suggestions.

It does become a problem when it lasts for hours, at times causing lack of sleep, and the unrewarded anticipation of the end of this tune. Or is it ever going to end?

Well, it turns out “earwormability” or a song’s tendency to become an earworm is one criterion that songwriters test for, when coming out with a new release. Isn’t that a positive point?

They do practical testing on thousands of people, having them list down which song or tune has been causing their individual Earworms. the researchers then come up with elaborate graphs showing data as evidence to their studies. I think it does depend though, on one – recognition of the tune; two – emotional state; and three- memory behind that tune. And yes, maybe the tempo of the tune itself – like on a joyous day I would get something like Pharrell’s Happy; and on my not-so-good, I would most probably get a Karen Carpenter hit – yah Rainy Days and Mondays would be a big possibility!

There are instances too when you enter the mall or grocery and some tune’s playing .. you go about your errands done, but notice you’ve exited the mall already, but the tune is like a nonstop iTune sample stuck to your brain! when will the looping stop? Happens especially on holidays, right? Those nostalgic Christmas carols playing on overhead speakers, paired with the sentimental visuals of Christmas decors – ah definitely factors to cause some Earworms! In instances like these, they don’t come on as annoying do they?

But whenever they accompany you to bed and have become an overstaying visitor in your brain – you start fumbling for a switch-off button.. Much like what you have on your iTunes or Spotify playlists. But there’s none!

Now it’s become a problem.. and because you know there’s no switch to turn it off, you simply let it be. For all you know, it’s your brain’s weapon against the extreme stress you’re going through or as artists say, it’s an involuntary creative day trip. remember it isn’t dangerous!

But fear no more, the afflicted – there some recommended tips when your Earworms get to be unmanageable.

  • Top of the list simply to chew gum! The explanation? Research says that the sections of our brain involved in hearing, remembering and imagining the tune is also partly the same sections involved in speech. Therefore, chewing gum disables some connectivity which causes the earworms. In my simple mind, I’d say the chewing motion diverts you and stops you from continuing the involuntary recollection of the Earworm. Simple, right?
  • Another article I read advised the afflicted person to shift focus on a mental task -supposedly a person totally absorbed in doing a mental task, could not fall victim to Earworms despite listening to tunes whilst working on the task

Whatever we get to read over the Internet, I personally feel that everyone still has the ability to view Earworms as lightly as what it is really, or make it into another psychological disorder.

Knowing it’s but a natural occurrence takes the fear out of the experience. These days, it’s best we remember to think that some things are just normal.

Earworms could get to be annoying at times – but it isn’t killing you is it? Call it a musical journey or associate it to a simple headache – caused maybe by over reading, overworking and overthinking.

What do you know, maybe the brain is just doing a reset when we experience Earworms?

So you – what’s your earworm recently? Has it been long-lasting, bothersome? Or you know, just an earworm??

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Thinking about it? Learn More –  Listen to this TedTalk and be convinced!

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“When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight.”

Khalil Gibran



There comes a time in everyone’s life when we come face to face with unavoidable circumstances that cause grief.  Be it a loss of a loved one, a beloved home companion – canine or what-not, having to say goodbye to our home, a promotion at work that was surprisingly give to someone else.. the list is never-ending.

But I feel the worst kind of grief would be when we lose someone we love; when we are faced with the other’s mortality. I know for a fact, that everyone deals and heals from this dreaded emotion in his or her own way. The death of a loved one is something hard to process. 

I am aware of the  Stages of Grief – also aware these stages do not necessarily happen in numerical order. And without a clear timeline of when exactly we can heal or be back to our old selves. like a step into the abyss…

So this blog is merely meant as a sharing – of suggestions and ideas of self-care. 

Grief is a natural part of the human experience. Crying really helps! Do all the crying you need. After spending some moments, or hours letting the tears roll down – there is a bit of clear relief felt; some of the heaviness seems to have left.

Then the irritability follows, and at times –  temper tantrums (could this be the anger stage mixed with the denial stage? wait, where did the bargaining stage go? ..) 

Depending on your circumstances, just allow yourself to feel. I clearly noticed that the onset of grief seems to be accompanied by some weird form of numbness. 

“Grief is one of the cruellest experiences of humanity, just keep them company through it in the best way you can.”

No remedy or quick fix, but mindful grieving might be a good tool to apply and use. 

Mindful grieving allows us to FEEL without judging ourselves. The practice reminds us that it is alright, it’s normal to feel as we do.

The great thing about mindful grieving is that it reminds us that all this pain, all this sorrow  – al these is impermanent. It will last not forever!

 Knowing this, makes some of the need to avoid our grief starts to diminish. 

This is not an easy feat –  it will definitely take a whole lot of effort and practice. But each day it will get easier. You realize that this is but a normal way of how you can approach the world. Knowing it will get better – gives you hope.

Mindful grieving reminds us that what we are feeling is NORMAL, that we are Normal. 

Through the process of grief, mindful grieving keeps us aware that this feeling is consuming our minds.  Awareness is key. and so is control.. So whenever you are caught at the very edge of that imaginary cliff – mindful grieving could pull you back up to safety. You get to control the amount of time you spend wallowing – 

  • It is OK to feel these and they will not last forever as all things come and go. Do what would make you feel even the slightest bit better – talk to a photo; cling to his favourite clothing, do whatever! It is OK!


  • Find a good friend. Our friend usually gets a bit weird when we are faced with death, This really seems to be how friends are when someone is grieving for fear of not knowing the right words to say or the proper approach. I distinctly remember being on “the other side of the fence”  a few years ago when a dear friend’s young son passed because of leukaemia. Though we were doing regular de-stressing weekend night-outs just a month or two before this tragedy – I found myself at a total loss of how and what to say. I, of course, called my friend – but I felt completely useless – my remedy for this; I wrote this dear friend a letter. All of a sudden, you as the friend – you’re in the realization that there’s nothing you really can do, or say that would make this situation less hurtful. Years later – exactly a year ago, I lost a loved one. And yes, I do understand why some of my friends are giving me a lot of space. But still reminding me that there are there if I need them.


  • Take extra care of yourself specially if you do not have a partner or relative to look after you, go for a stroll often, get tons of fresh air, try to eat healthily! Your favourite foods could do wonders at this time.  Take plenty of fluids, try to limit alcohol and caffeine – this could be hard for some cultures – but these are merely suggestions with your good health in mind. Take a multivitamin. There are some goodgrievingfood.


  • Altruism it could help you to move through grief. Volunteer or help a favourite charity or cause. A lot of people go into serious volunteer work to overcome the hurt of a recent loss. Some give a lot of time energy towards to person’s cause or charity – to give special homage to this person. Often, a person’s will contains specifications on how to go about continuing support for charities they have either started or have a significant impact on while still alive.


  • Find a support group – it helps a lot to be listened to, to be surrounded by people who will really listen and understand. The ever-changing emotions we experience with grief can catch us off guard. Find one that will help you simply help you get through each day


Above all, this is the perfect time to start treating yourself with more love and kindness. With helping as the main goal, this should come naturally. Take time away from stressful work, you’ll soon find out getting yourself engulfed in even more excruciating stress will prohibit you from achieving a goal of healing from grief. 

Trying to avoid it and thinking there will be a better time to address it will not work either – best to face it now, while it’s fresh. Just like any traumatic experience that happened eons ago, which we chose not to process and simply shoved aside in a corner of our mind – best not to add up to to the countless ghosts that already haunt us. 

Grief is like an ailment that consumes over us, it puts us all in a ‘cloud-like’ state – it can numb our senses, disrupt our otherwise, balanced way of being. Acknowledge its presence – and know there is a way to overcome it.  And it will soon get easier. 

Know that YOU are important right now. And trust that the sooner you start that long trek toward healing, the sooner you reach your destination.

For Those Who Prefer to Listen:  What’s Your Grief Podcasts


We don’t “move on”

TTFA Season2 3000x3000

Sudden Loss


For Those Who Want to Read: mindfulnessapproachtohealing

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Positivity and Affirmations 

Everyone gets overwhelmed with work, family matters, everyday stuff.

Reality-wise, stress brought about by the daily grind, can either at times work well for you to meet deadlines –  or as we all know, kill you!

Here are some tips shared by well-known property realtors, people who work day to day in a field which entails constant stress, and go through a never-ending roller coaster ride of negative emotions.


  • positive affirmations / positive thinking/positive mental attitude
  • a morning mantra such as “I am in charge of how I feel and today I am choosing happiness. …”
  • morning zen moments
  • giving back/ caring about others
  • spending time with same minded people like yourself; needless to staying away from toxic individuals
  • always start your day grateful
  • share your journey with others; inspire

It takes years of practice and now is as good a time as any. Business professionals that have a positive attitude attract good – paving a way for lesser bumps on the road ahead towards our daily goals.

Next time you’re down in the dumps and catch yourself thinking negative thoughts, whisper a positive affirmation to yourself; recite a mantra. There is overwhelming evidence that people who are happy are more successful.

Positive thinking is when we consciously cultivate positivity in our minds so that we think we can get through anything.

And it’s been scientifically proven to improve your work life, physical and mental health, and relationships.

Doesn’t cost much, it’s actually a choice. An attitude, a habit.

It’s just as simple as that.

Craving for more?

Listen to A Podcast:assets.libsyn


or watch this TEDTALK: https://bit.ly/313Eq0V

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Babbling about Tartine

“Nothing brings to life again a forgotten memory like a fragrance.”

― Christopher Poindexter


Start of babble – You know how certain scents and fragrances bring back distinct memories or have a direct influence on your mood? At the risk of being compared to a canine, my olfactory glands play a really big role in how my days go. I’ve been this way since my early teens, and more so now in my mid-fifties.

My thoughts are –  I have done a pretty long research for my former employer on fragrances’ mood and memory-inducing powers using scented candles; I can certainly write a blog on it now!

One of my mood enhancers is just like everyone else’s  – coffee. My first cup of joe sort of dictates how my day will go ( though might be a bit of an exaggeration, nevertheless ) the scent of the fresh brew clears my sinuses and gives me some energy. Meaning it does bring me to a “good place”. Same effect on millions of other people regardless of age. Some say it could be “all in the mind”. Yep, it certainly is because our noses are connected to our brain!

But then there are certain fragrances that have a definitive effect on me. A lot like how a tune over the radio triggers something in the brain that brings you back to decades ago. Reminds you of a certain special person, a loved one, or a happy occasion.

Wasn’t in the day’s agenda to write a blog, but as I took an unplanned trip to a nearby mall only because I had run out of coffee.  I found myself walking around, eyes glued to baby stuff as I had just been blessed with my first grand little person. So just so you have a clearer idea of me, a quick trip to the mall for a specific reason, always turns out to be an hour or two long of walking around before I finally do what is on my to-do list. And today, my to-do list is getting a bag of coffee and a bit of toiletries..

Anyway, I had to walk through the fragrances area, and alas – my eyes swerved to my left, there on one of those glass cases stood two boxes, light blue in colour, one big and the other a bit bigger in size. At first, I was in doubt, my eyesight had not been as they used to be. … my old brain went, “could it be, really? Tartine?” I’ve been looking for this for ages! Even have shamelessly requested my sister in law who travels to Europe twice a year, to look for a bottle of the fragrance in the past. None could be found at the Duty-Free shops where there’s an endless stock of every fragrance you could possibly think of.

So back to my mundane story, I took a step nearer to this glass case, and lo and behold! It was the cologne I’ve been looking for! Could not believe my eyes! I felt reluctant to talk to the alert and already approaching salesperson. I do not have the budget to purchase a bottle, not today… I had just spent a few for a bottle of what last month was my “third choice”.

So what followed was a 15-minute discussion of how much the big bottle cost. I could hear myself explaining that I did not have the budget to buy it today, blah, blah, blah. Then this person starts opening the clear plastic of the small bottle just so I could get a quick sniff of the cologne. I asked, “what if I decide not to buy it?” To which he quickly replies with, “ it doesn’t matter if you don’t buy this one. We’ll use it now as a sample, so others can smell it.” Really?

On his second phase of, this talented salesperson quips – he would give me 25 ml free for me, on a disposable plastic bottle if I so decide to buy!

By now my I heard my brain loudly saying, “Others? What others, other people use this scent?” I have this stupid belief that only people in my immediate family found this scent appealing, being that it is a kids cologne.


Anyway, to make an already boring long story short, I ended up buying a bottle – for fear that “others or other people would come by and beat me to buying the last bottle left. Then I would have to wait another 6 years to find another one!” This became my ‘justification’ for this unscheduled expense for myself  – at a time when I am unemployed (am on my third month) and still awaiting a call for a job.

Moving on, lest I stop trying to justify myself even to you.. what could you possibly care about my present working- idle status in life. By the way, partly true to his word – the relentless sales guy did give me a 25 ml of scent after my purchase – but it definitely did not smell like tartine. But who am I to complain – he gave this to me for free.

So I then get an Uber (or Grab, as we locally call them) ride home, had a quick lunch, and tarah!! opened the bottle! Squirts on the four corners of my simple room/home office.. One squirt each on my bed, bean pillow, comforter. Sniff, sniff sniff, start to realize just how much I had missed this scent. An hour or two had passed, I take my daily bath, wash my hair and wear a fresh set of house clothes.

So what is all this fuss over this scent Tartine ‘et Chocolat?  It is child’s just a cologne, sweet and juvenile, but really why the fuss? I sit and ponder, whilst taking in whiff after whiff… is it making me feel lighter, as it used to? Is it altering my mood – making me feel energized? Is it taking me to a pretty “good place”? Yep, I believe it is, it has brought me to a “smiling inside” state.

No distinct memories as of yet.. But there is that noticeable feeling of lightness… A sort of feeling of being content. This scent never failed me to give me an up and up feeling .. And it is doing that too, even now. What could it be? How is that possible?

So back to my story – I now can write down a specific personal reason why I love this cologne – Number one is it really reminds me of F-A-M-I-L-Y (why? because the smell brings me back to moments and periods of my life when I was often surrounded with Grandparents, Aunties, cousins..) So it is making me feel calm because it brings with its scent a feeling of security.

A big shout out to whoever it was who created this cologne – would not like to mention the maker to avoid having my blog sounding like an advert.

So this scent does these good things for me – and am sure you have one or two scents that would bring you to your “happy place”.

Just to mention, I am in “transition” because of my age – in one word – menopause!

Am just actually wanting to share part of my personal journey, and the simple stuff that I use to help me cope (hot flashes, insomnia, unfortunately, turns out there is no way out of these really).

But this scent therapy thing helps “heal” from the external, without having any form of meds. Instead of popping pills daily, maybe we can make scents work for us. Scents do grant us stress relief,  headache relief, certain aromas simply make us feel better! So I have thought to sit down and blog a bit about my own personal experience.

Add some simple physical exercise and the use of special scents, and everything is a bit more tolerable. Less grouchiness, feelings of negativity, hopelessness, anxiousness. If all you have to do is spray and sniff, so why not right?

So this isn’t just for us – “older” people. Teens, millennials have moods too, don’t they? Some would rather use scented candles, essential oils, whatever works for you!

So for me it’s this cologne, what’s your magic fragrance? So share, if you feel no else is interest, I assure you – I am!  -End of babble

PL8270611NOSE Read-Only.jpg

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Re-assurances from my Father… stages…

To keep from feeling down amidst feelings of helplessness and grief – I felt it would be as good a time as any to do a blog about one of my silly, yet funny last moments with my father. He passed away late last year. Yup, I and so many others within his immediate circle of family and friends, were in for a long two and a half year shocking revelation – that my Dad was not Superhuman after all! Nor was he immune from disease – a second massive stroke had him stuck to a hospital bed for a very long time.

Denial Stage? Darkness stage!

People’s sentiments had a commonality amongst them, being stuck to a bed, with tubes on his throat and tummy, unable to speak was just so UNBELIEVABLE, and definitely UNBEARABLE for a man like my father! Some of his older ‘gangsta’ friends would fight back tears seeing him in that state. Everyone was in a state of shock, total disbelief –

I was with mixed emotions, having to keep a straight face with all his stranger nurses and caregivers – while Dad had to endure having to have a whole on his throat, so he was unable to utter a word. It took a while for me to get used to the idea, and the sad reality that my father’s comfort had to be put into the hands of complete strangers

Because the reality is that- I sincerely loved my Dad, and accepted him for who he was – as he did me. When I recall those first months of the dreaded phlegm extraction process; I see and remember everything in my mind, but my brain wishes to remember in a blur… Helpless was never in my father’s list of descriptive words until those days. So in honest recollection, while Dad was suffering, we were suffering as well.

I grew up having a father who was physically strong, emotionally wise, and mentally above average, to say the least! So all this was surreal!

Growing up close to both my parents’ sides of the family, I am like most of the kids whose parents grew unhappy and discontent with each other. I come from a broken family, but that is a whole different story for another blog…

Dad, help me! I would say in a loud voice, with half of my right arm interwound with half of his left arm. Automatically, I’d let go of my weight – and Walah! Dad would literally be able to pull me halfway up!

How I wish I had taken a video, but what I have left is a video in my mind. Why the hell would I play this game with a bedridden father with tubes stuck to his throat and his tummy?

Bargaining stage

BECAUSE I wanted my father to know that I needed him around – that even at the seemingly helpless, God-forsaken state he was in – his remaining strength was needed by one of his children. We were not ready for him to give up! I was seriously trying to find a way to communicate to a person whom the ‘medicine men’ deemed ‘brain dead’. and during the first and part of the second year when we were gratefully given the chance to be part of his care – I knew Dad could understand! He’d give me that look, a look that only we, his kids could understand. The look saying he knew who we were, and a half smile like saying – thank you, I know you are here, and you want me to get better.

Mind you, when I tried to share these instances with, do allow me to call this man – Dr BrainGod. For lack of a more amusing, descriptive name – Dr BrainGod would reply, ‘Ah, yes.. that is not uncommon. Family members always assume that the patient can understand, and can recognize them. But everything will never get better, just worse.” It could be a professional way of saying, “you are stupid, you are too hopeful, you are imagining things”. Well, can’t blame Dr BrainGod – he just doesn’t want to present us with false hopes maybe?

Anger stage

Yup, that could be a mature, adult way of accepting a doomsday diagnosis – but without blinking an eye, and still with a smile on my face, I said, “Oh well Doc, thanks for being honest.” Whilst at the back of my mind – I pictured seeing Mr BrainGod disintegrating into a thousand little pieces after I hit between the eyes with that gadget he used on Dad’s knees to check for nerve reflexes – the whatchamacallit weird looking metal with black rubber edges. Yup, in my imagination I hit him with his own tool – and he disintegrated. Now, this I imagined, BUT seeing my father respond to acknowledge our presence – that was a reality, that was real, at least to me it was.

Denial stage

But my Dad’s painful journey continued – with those awful long and never-ending list of meds! Meds to make sure we had his lungs cleared, meds to protect his liver and kidneys, meds to stabilize his blood sugar, meds to make sure he was able to clear his intestines daily, meds to protect his brain, meds.. meds… meds…! Pretty soon, we would have less instances of having Dad “cognizant” coz the meds were taking over. And same ones that protect some of his organs ended up ruining part of the others.

So what are we now left with? Having Dad gone? We are left with the small memories of when we could have him all to ourselves – when I would sneak in with a cup of freshly brewed coffee (Dad used to love coffee!) so Dad could have a whiff of that familiar good smell – I would at times, dip part of a teaspoon in my coffee and lay it on his lips – and seeing his expression, we’d all go, “See – he knows it’s coffee! So how could he know if his brain isn’t working right?” But so as not to undermine Dr BrainGod’s diagnoses – indeed, we really were just fooling ourselves…

So why blog about this? Because they say if you can’t talk about it, you might as well write about it. To me, it sort of ‘validates’ the experience.

Enroute acceptance stage – this is where I am at…

It is my way of giving homage to Dad! To reminisce is not a bad thing… it is a way to lessen the grief – a great way to start on the road out of the pit of sadness.. acceptance of God’s will, a hope that now Dad is “at a better place”. Now wait a minute, this phrase they use – “he is now at a better place”.. what the @**k does that really mean? How could they know how Dad feels about where is now? How could my Dad be at a better place, is someone there to make him his morning coffee?

Questions, questions…. “the best way to deal with these questions in FAITH” is what my wise Grandma used to say. She’s there by the way – our Grandma – just left a year before her own son – to us, it seemed she had to make sure all is ready before her son’s turn.. they might be in a better place, actually.

So how do we heal Now? How do I heal, and not feel so insecure, coz Dad’s not around..

so am checking this out – gotta believe that GOD is who I have to hold me up now..

This thought makes it easier for my brain to process everything… And then a lot of it makes more sense…

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What Makes The Zebra Print Cowhide Special



Considered the KING in floor coverings, Cowhides have created his own individual niche in the home decor arena. Never going out of style, the Zebra Print presents an eclectic yet modern subdued theme to any home ensemble.

Being black and white, or at times black and beige – zebra print cow hides can provide a base for your existing collection of home decor.

Either bold or bright colours blend well with the Zebra Print Cowhide.



Naturally durable and very good at repelling stains, cowhides are great material for designer and leather craft makers, for belts, bags, cushions or as a wall decoration.

Being a 100% all natural product – parents are confident to use Zebra prints for the nurseries, so safe for their crawling, learning to walk kids, and well – their beloved pets as well!

Your cowhide may have the odd small scratch or patchwork on the underside / floor side – for obvious reasons as no two cows can be exactly the same, you will have a totally unique, one of a kind piece.

So the next time you go shopping for some floor covering for your home – keep the Zebra Print Cowhide Rug in mind.

Better yet, keep us in mind, Narbonne Leather Co ;  We are a young family based business who have set up to combine expertise in selling online (we have existing online businesses in other markets) with that of over 40 years worth of experience in the leather trade from the more “senior” members of the Daley family!

We look to provide quality leather goods, priced fairly, alongside responsive and helpful customer care and guidance, before and after your purchase.


Hair-on-hide rugs, with the Zebra Prints, considered a special and classic variety can definitely be a timeless element to create interest, luxury and texture to any room in your home.

Be it your foyer, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, receiving room, and yes, your patio – the Zebra Cowhide is another King in terms of versatility.

Added TIPS When Choosing your Cowhide Rugs:

  • Narbonne Leather Co recommends measuring the area where your rug will go to make sure the cowhide will fit in the space.
  • Maintenance of cowhides are easy-as -pie; a genuine cowhide will forever retainits natural oils attributing to its great shine; thus it is considered virtually stain-proof making it perfect for high traffic areas in your homes. A good,  thorough shake every once in a while will remove existing dust or dirt!
  • When you order your cowhide and find that there are existing creases, all you have to do is either keep the hide/skin rolled up for a day or two or often you do place heavy furniture atop the hide – the creases will eventually disappear. Remember, you can always tell if your hide is a genuine and premium kind, it should never be dry and all curled up in the edges, and it is a true fact that your hide has to have that wonderful “leather” scent. Narbonne Leather Co prides itself with only the very best, hand-picked animal skins from South America!

Narbonne Leather Co presently caters to buyers from the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. If you do not belong to this group but are interested in purchasing a hide or two, fear not !- simply shoot us an email – we can certainly look into options of getting some of our animal skins shipped to your location.

Our Hide Guru has another new set of some eye-catching, jaw-dropping Zebra Print Cow hides, as well as goat skins and calf skins from South America.

Our new 2018 collection will be out in just a little bit – watch out for it!

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